Risk Management

Risk management is integral to EOS IM’s ethos and included in all aspects of its investment activity.  It is a valuable enabling tool, used to help identify opportunities and reduce uncertainty.

Active risk management framework under the oversight of EOS IM’s Chief Risk Officer who brings to EOS IM and its investors significant experience from senior roles held in international financial institutions and large corporates across Europe

Independent Internal Risk function is closely involved throughout the investment cycle for the Fund – Pre-deal due diligence, overall portfolio management/balancing and through to supporting the disposal process.

It is never possible to totally eliminate risks. The objective is to identify, assess, understand, mitigate/manage and monitor the risks.  EOS IM operates its risk framework, by drawing upon the professional internal risk function, the wealth of industry/financial experience of its advisory teams, strong external partners and its risk processes. It always costs more to fix a problem than to prevent one.

EOS IM’s strategy is to reduce the imperfections in its knowledge, to enhance its portfolio management and drive the longer term performance of the Fund.

“Those who made the decisions with imperfect knowledge will be judged in hindsight by those with considerably more information at their disposal and time for reflection.” Donald Rumsfeld