Team Clean Energy

  • Mario Iavarone

    Mario Iavarone

    Member of the Advisory Board

    Mario in his capacity as a member of the Advisory Board, is focussed on EOS IM’s Energy sector. Through his multiple roles and extensive career, Mario has developed his specialist skills across multiple aspects of the energy sector, allowing EOS IM to now have his unique technical insight.
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  • Ettore Acampora

    Ettore Acampora

    Investment Manager

    Ettore brings nine years of experience in operations, global strategic projects, finance and investments in the energy sector. He also holds an MBA from Cornell University (NY).
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  • Francesca Pisu

    Francesca Pisu

    Asset Manager

    Francesca oversees project’s technical assessment and, once the plants are acquired, she is in charge of the plants and contracts monitoring.
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  • Mirko Rigotti

    Mirko Rigotti

    Investment Analyst

    Mirko joined EOS in February 2016. He currently works as an Investment Analyst in the Energy Advisory team, where he supports deal sourcing, valuation and execution.
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