• Ciro Mongillo

      Ciro Mongillo

      CEO & Founding Partner

      Entrepreneur, Founder and CEO of EOS Investment Management, Ciro has more than 25 years of financial advisory experience serving a broad range of industries. He also gained a significant experience in the investment activity.
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    • Natalino Mongillo

      Natalino Mongillo


      Natalino contributes to the company’s strategic development and is involved in the investment process and monitoring of investment funds and co-investments.
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    • Simon Elvidge

      Simon Elvidge

      Board Director

      Simon is a Board Director at EOS Investment Management providing oversight and strategic direction in relation to the control, assurance and operational activities of the firm.
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    • 0003-20158555

      Danilo Broggi

      Board Director

      Danilo is a Board Director at EOS Investment Management Ltd and is responsible for the development of institutional relationships.
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    • Lorenzo Savi

      Chief Risk Officer

      Lorenzo Savi is the Chief Risk Officer and reports to the CEO. He has overall responsibility for firm-wide risk management including credit, operational, reputational and market risk.
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    • Micole Perina

      Micole Perina

      Compliance and AML

      Micole is a member of the Company’s Compliance and Anti-Money Laundering department and she deals with regulatory aspects and filing, corporate governance issues and disclosure obligations.
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    • Valeria Mongillo

      Valeria Mongillo

      IR and Marketing Manager

      Valeria is responsible for EOS IM’s marketing strategy and investor relation activities. Furthermore she coordinates the UK and international press offices together with brand management and public relations.
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EOS Funds

    • Luca Gallinelli

      Luca Gallinelli

      Board Director

      Luca is Board Director of Fysis SAM, GP of Fysis Fund SICAV-SIF. He specializes in venture capital transactions structured finance and capital markets.
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    • Paul Goes

      Paul Goes

      Board Director

      Paul is Board Director of Fysis SAM, GP of Fysis Fund SICAV-SIF. Paul started his career in the Luxembourg Financial Services Industry in January 1994.
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    • Sabrina Colantonio

      Sabrina Colantonio


      Sabrina takes care of the incorporation of new companies in relation to the future fund’s investments, KYC and AML procedures.
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Advisory Board

    • Fabrizio-

      Fabrizio Salvaggio

      Chairman of the Advisory Board

      Fabrizio in his capacity as Chairman of the Advisory Board,  is responsible advising EOS IM concerning the continued enhancement of its relationships with Institutional investors, leveraging on his skills and background.
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    • Mario Iavarone

      Mario Iavarone

      Member of the Advisory Board

      Mario in his capacity as a member of the Advisory Board, is focussed on EOS IM’s Energy sector. Through his multiple roles and extensive career, Mario has developed his specialist skills across multiple aspects of the energy sector, allowing EOS IM to now have his unique technical insight.
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    • 0004-20158564

      Stefano Miccinelli

      Member of the Advisory Board

      Stefano in his capacity as a member of the Advisory Board, is focussed on the Private Equity aspects of the EOS IM’s activities, leveraging on his extensive skills and successful background. Stefano co-founded Investitori Associati which raised €1.2 billion
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Advisory Teams

  • Marco Giuseppini

    Marco Giuseppini

    Managing Director

    Marco has a 11-year experience in the mid-market private equity and M&A and leads EOS Private Equity Advisory Srl.
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  • Lorenzo Bovo internet jpg

    Lorenzo Bovo


    Lorenzo has a 8-year experience in the mid-market private equity and joined EOS Private Equity Advisory from the inception.
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  • Ettore Acampora

    Ettore Acampora

    Investment Manager

    Ettore brings nine years of experience in operations, global strategic projects, finance and investments in the energy sector. He also holds an MBA from Cornell University (NY).
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  • Alessandro Besana

    Alessandro Besana

    Investment Manager

    Alessandro has 5 years experience in mid-market private equity and M&A and works as Investment Manager with EOS Private Equity Advisory.
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  • Giorgio Fenili

    Giorgio Fenili


    Giorgio has working experience in small/mid-market private equity and corporate development, and works as Investment Analyst with EOS Private Equity Advisory.
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  • Mirko Rigotti

    Mirko Rigotti

    Investment Analyst

    Mirko joined EOS in February 2016. He currently works as an Investment Analyst in the Energy Advisory team, where he supports deal sourcing, valuation and execution.
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  • 0001-20158539

    Paolo Baronchelli

    Technical Manager

    Paolo in his role deals directly with compliance for the contractual arrangements, verifies the proper execution of the maintenance work, even of extraordinary nature, through periodic inspection visits on sites.
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