Energy & Infrastructure

EOS IM manages an overall portfolio of € 240m. The Clean Energy Team is highly specialised and focused on the renewable energy sector. The team’s main goal is to support EOS IM in its activities, when investing in energy infrastructure (especially solar and wind power existing plants) and energy efficiency projects. The portfolio is structured to provide geographical and technological diversification, that can generate stable and predictable cash flows for investors.

Through the Efesto Energy fund, EOS IM acquired and currently manages c. € 240m of assets, which include 65 MW of renewable energy plants (42 MWp PV, 23 MW Wind) and an energy efficiency project for a value of c. € 30m. EOS IM and hence the Efesto Energy Fund, continue to be the focus of positive press and industry coverage, as a result of the announcement of these and the previous acquisitions made by the fund.

Energy Portfolio