Distinctive Features

  • Dedicated Teams

    Each investment fund has a team of highly specialised professionals, of proven value, experience and the relevant in-depth industry specific knowledge and insights

  • Incisive Investments

    EOS IM’s investment strategy focusses on real economy and infrastructure opportunities which provide positive returns, yet allowing further enhancement through its strategic approach and practical delivery

  • Internationalization

    With more than 25 professionals, EOS IM has its headquarter in London and strong presence in Italy and Luxembourg

  • Governance Framework

    EOS IM has tight governance and risk management policies and processes in place to ensure that the interests of all the parties involved are aligned

  • Sound Practice

    The experience and the alignment to international best practices make EOS IM the ideal partner for a diversified investment strategy

  • Network

    EOS IM has access to a extensive international network of companies, advisors, entrepreneurs and financial institutions

  • Thought Leadership

    EOS IM is an active member of international trade associations, helping set standards, sharing its knowledge through speakers at conferences and enlightening investors on latest developments

  • Our Distinctive Brand

    “EOS” derives from Greek mythology and represents the goddess of the dawn. Indeed, we want to position ourselves as a source of innovation transmitting values as reliability, trust and honesty. Our logo represents a pearl, which stands for being the oldest and the most valuable among gems