Investment Philosophy

Our creative, flexible and dynamic investment teams have a hands-on proactive approach in the investment management activities. We are constantly looking for innovative ways of improving the performance of our portfolio companies. Through active ownership, in partnership with the management of the portfolio companies, and close monitoring of our companies, we aim to achieve important business performance improvements for our portfolio companies and optimal returns for our investors.

In order to deliver the best results for our investors, we recognise the necessity to have in-depth industry specific knowledge. Therefore, for each of our funds, we develop partnerships with specialised Investment Advisors. These Investment Advisors are represented by teams of experts in the targeted fields, professionals who have a vast experience and important industry specific knowledge and insights.

Having in place extensive and detailed pre-acquisition due diligence processes, we only invest in the optimal selected opportunities that arise in the targeted markets. At EOS IM, we invest in projects that clearly demonstrate that they have long term profitability and are sustainable in long term. We aim to create balanced portfolios with an optimal capital distribution both in geographical and industry terms.

The life-time of our funds allows us to concentrate on long term value creation. Having this long term vision, we can focus on implementing a strategy that allows us to maximise the utilisation of all the available resources within our funds and companies.

EOS IM operates under tight governance and risk management policies to ensure that the interests of all the stakeholders involved are aligned and the investors are central to the culture. The risk management and governance processes related to investments start in the pre-acquisition due diligence stage and continue throughout the lifetime of the funds. We deliver this through close monitoring of the invested companies. Furthermore, EOS IM is FCA regulated full scope AIFM, and therefore operates in accordance with the high standards established under the EU standards, such as the AIFMD (Alternative Investment Fund Management Directive) and the UK’s regulations.