Responsible Investments

At EOS IM, we are aware of the impact that our investments have for our investors, for the society in which we live and for the global environment. Therefore, we invest responsibly by considering, analysing and assessing the ESG (Environmental, Social and Governance) issues that might arise in the investment process. This approach allows us to significantly reduce the risks that we may encounter during our acquisitions and throughout the holding period of the invested companies. This approach is also designed to allow us to achieve increased cost efficiencies, profitability, sustainability and match investor expectations. ESG is about investing in and managing efficient and effective businesses, with long term viability in an ever-changing world. A strong ESG culture will be reflected in the enhanced exit price.

ESG Policy

EOS IM has established, approved and issued its own ESG Policy. The ESG Policy has been developed internally, following the practices the Firm had seen promoted in the financial sector
The ESG Policy operates, with an underlying procedure to evaluate the investee companies (in which the Fund invests) against the Policy
The assessment of the underlying company is recorded, assessed and retained. The ESG assessment is an integral part of the due diligence process within the investment cycle
The underlying portfolio companies/investments are subject to an annual re-assessment reviews

Under the Social Policy, one of the objectives is “to promote community programmes to manage business impact on local population” where this is applicable. As part of this process, EOS IM supports community programmes in a wider sense through charities. In addition, EOS IM actively encourages members of staff to participate in charity events, including the provision of sponsorship of their efforts.

For more information also please see our UK Stewardship Code