EOS IM’s competitive advantages include:

  • EOS IM applies the strengths of institutional organisational standards with the nimble and opportunistic abilities of a niche player
  • Experience and commitment ofour senior management
  • Specialised professionals dedicated to each strategy, with deep industry knowledge and solid interdisciplinary experience and intellectual integrity
  • Direct sourcing of deals
  • Long-term perspective in all our relationships (with clients, managers and with our own organisation)
  • Increasing opportunities and benefits by leveraging our international breadth

How we focus on helping our clients achieve financial success

  • Dedicated core team for each fund managed by EOS IM.
  • Teams composed of high-skilled, specialised professionals, focussed on the relevant fund’s strategy
  • Teams committed to sourcing and structuring investment opportunities
  • Teams optimising operations to achieving superior risk-adjusted returns for the specific strategy
  • Investment Selection Processes which are thorough due diligence, with disciplined portfolio construction
  • Network of contacts and personal interaction to source to get the right deals.